About Us: Bio and Annual Report

Evangelist Tim Sutton grew up attending the Salvation Army Church in High Point, NC. From an early age he ministered the word in preaching, and in music. At age 10 he began sharing his testimony in public street meetings to the lost. Also, at age 10 he began playing the trumpet, and excelled in the local church. In 1998, 2001, 2006, and 2010 he released worship CD’s entitled, “Lift Jesus Higher” “Gospel Trumpet” “He Sits on the Throne” and “We Bow Down.” These are also used in his evangelistic ministry.

At age 15, God called Tim to full-time preaching ministry, saying “Go to all the world and preach the gospel.” After their marriage in 1978, Tim & Gwen Sutton attended the Salvation Army School for Officers Training in Atlanta GA. In 1981, Tim & Gwen graduated Bible school, and were ordained to a local Salvation Army Church in Beaufort, SC. In 1986, they founded Living Faith Christian Center, a nondenominational church in Beaufort, SC. They pastored a total of 8 years in that city. In 1988, the Holy Spirit spoke to Tim’s heart saying, “Go join yourself to Agape Faith Church, and you will travel out of that ministry.” Soon, God spoke the same thing to Gwen as well. In May 1989 they moved with their children, Bethany, Philip, and Joy to Lewisville, NC.

Tim now travels extensively, out of the covering of Agape Faith Church, where he is ordained. On average, he ministers in over 30 churches per year in the US and worldwide. His ministry includes preaching the word with signs following, ministering in music, and teaching/training the local church in soulwinning/evangelism.

A major emphasis is raising of evangelism teams worldwide to reap the harvest. Teams are being raised up in every possible area including: street evangelism, door to door, housing projects, hospitals, nursing homes, bus stops, and homes. Wherever people are, teams are learning that evangelism in not just a program, but a lifestyle! In the last ten years God raised up Agape School of Evangelism, to mobilize the local church in winning the lost. Since 2001 God has allowed Tim to train/graduate 755 individuals, teams leaders, and mobilize evangelism teams in his local church and around the world. In addition, Tim is now taking Agape School of Evangelism to the Body of Christ to mobilize churches worldwide for the harvest! Acts 1:8 is the living word for this ministry! “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me!” It is time to win the lost to Jesus!