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Tim Sutton Ministries International Presents “Agape School of Evangelism”
“Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and ye shall be witnesses unto me!” Acts 1:8


In 1989, God spoke to my heart and said, “Go join yourself to Agape Faith Church and you will travel out of that ministry.” We have done that faithfully from 1989 until the present. From the early days of our association with, and ordination through Agape Faith Church, our Pastor, JB Whitfield has involved us heavily in the local evangelism efforts of our church and community. In the early years, we taught evangelism classes, and headed up the local outreach department of our church. IN recent years, we have traveled in full-time ministry, as God said we would.

About 20 years ago, our Pastor came to me and said, “If you had one year to do whatever you could to build evangelism in a local church what would you do?” After prayerful consideration, Agape School of Evangelism was born. The goal of our school is not just a graduation certificate, but a school that raises up teams in the local church to bring in the harvest. As a result of the these original discussions, we now conduct two schools each year for our church. The goal is to train, and raise up teams that go into our city to win the lost. To date, hundreds of individuals, numerous evangelism teams, and team leaders have been raised up to win the lost in our city. The teams minister at least four days per month in every conceivable location. Malls, bus stations, streets, housing projects, door-to-door, nursing homes and anywhere people are that can be won to Christ.

Mike Murdock says, in his books concerning God’s assignment, “everything has been created to fix a problem”. He also says, “What moves you is a key to your assignment!” As time has passed, it has become more evident to me that Agape School of Evangelism is part of God’s assignment for me! Not just to our local body but to the body of Christ!

This is where you come in! We desire to duplicate our efforts in every church across the nation and world where God opens a door. We desire to see Agape School of Evangelism bring in the harvest in your church and community, in the same manner we have experienced at Agape Faith Church.

Our desire is to see you experience and reap a harvest of souls for your church and community where you live!

Did you ever say? I want to win the lost but...




You have the power within you that will bring about God's last days harvest of souls!

What to Expect

Agape School of Evangelism What You Should Expect:
  • Expect to Reach the Lost of your city, community, and church neighborhood
  • Expect to Raise up teams in your church!  This class is more than earning a certificate
  • Expect to raise up 2-5 teams (initially) in your church to win your city for Jesus
  • Expect to raise up an evangelism ministry with team leaders to train/lead your teams
  • Expect to see your church body become involved in evangelism and harvest
  • Expect to see your church grow as you lift up Jesus outside the walls of your church

What Tim Sutton Ministries Will Provide For And To Your Ministry:
  • We will provide evangelism school brochures for sign up in advance of your school
  • We will provide all class materials including: syllabus, books, handout, and materials
  • We will conduct your first class sessions launching your evangelism program
  • We will conduct initial training sessions with your department leader and team leaders
  • We will conduct on the job training in the field lab while in your church or ministry
  • We will provide graduation certificates for your first school of evangelism class
  • We will work with your designated leader to help train them for your future classes
  • We will provide your the right to use copyrighted material reproduction and copies
  • We will provide you with material for reproduction of your future evangelism schools
  • We will provide up to one full year consultation with you and department leader
  • We will be available to answer questions that you or your leaders have the first year

Sessions and Costs

Agape School of Evangelism Session Topics Include the Following:
  • Session One: It’s Time for and Evangelism Explosion
  • Session Two: Jesus was a Lifestyle Evangelist
  • Session Three: The Mechanics of A Soulwinner/Yes YOU Can! (Part 1)
  • Session Four: The Mechanics of A Soulwinner/Yes YOU Can! (Part 2) )
  • Session Five: Class Activity and Reports (Field Lab on Saturday Afternoon)
  • Session Six: Optional/Team Leaders Initial Training Meeting
Agape School of Evangelism What is the Cost to You:
  • Cost per student is $20.00 which includes books, syllabus, and materials
  • Love offerings for Tim Sutton Ministries received Sunday AM/PM
  • Love offerings received at the end of class sessions at your discretion
  • Class sessions will be Wed-Friday PM and Sat AM (field lab) and Sunday PM
  • Leaders Session will be Sunday PM before last class as needed
  • Evangelism Sutton will also minister in music/word in the Sunday AM service
  • These cost will include all usage and copyright fees for your future classes
  • Times can be flexible but these are the typical times required to launch your school
Agape School of Evangelism What Your Church Needs to Do in Advance:
  • Identify the dates your plan to conduct your evangelism school
  • Advertise in your bulletin and church publications
  • Distribute brochures and sign up your people for the school
  • Collect registration fees (20.00 per person) in advance for syllabus/materials
  • Forward class registration sheets and registration fees to Tim Sutton Ministries
  • Registration fees must be received 4-5 weeks in advance to allow us time to print and order
  • Identify your evangelism department leader in advance if possible
  • If at all possible identify 2-5 potential team leaders who might work under your department leader
  • Expect/pray/plan for the harvest with and explosion of soul winning that will come to your church
We are ready to give them Jesus! Are you ready? We can help! “Evangelism is an Outflow of an Infilling!”

(c) 2021Evangelist Tim Sutton Tim Sutton Ministries International